It's All About Coco

It's All About Coco
The Love Of Our Life

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Coco started her swimming lessons at the Rye YMCA a couple of weeks ago. We are lucky in that she really seems to enjoy the water. It will probably be a few years until she can swim on her own, but it is good to get babies accustomed to the water while they are young. They have us practice getting her head dunked under the water. We were afraid to do it at first, but Coco seemed ok with it. Class has been great fun and it has been terrific meeting babies Coco's age in Rye.

Fortunately the pool is heated!

All the parents stand around in a circle and the instructor throws the ball in the middle. The parents bring the babies toward the ball. This is the one exercise Coco is not too fond of. I think she freaks out being in the crowd of babies for some reason.

Coco getting dunked! The instructor recommends that we count 1,2,3...blow in thier face lightly, and then go under together. Blowing in their faces makes them hold thier breath.

Coco loves watching us blow bubbles in the water.

Not sure who is having more fun...Daddy or Coco!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seven Month Checkup

Coco had her seven month checkup yesterday. We are very blessed that she has been completely healthy since she was born (**knocking on wood**). She weighed in at 22 pounds, up one pound over the months and 28 inches, half an inch longer than last months. The doctor said that she was the 105th percentile for weight (??) in retrospect, I am not sure how it is possible to more that 100%, but she looks great and is very healthy so we are not going to read too much into it.

Coco had been a very good sleeper since birth, sometimes sleeping as much as 12 hours from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am, but she started going backwards a bit over the summer waking up a 2-3 times during the night. We think this may have been due to staying in Fire Island and maybe she was not used to her surroundings. When we got back to Rye we decided some dreaded sleep training was in order. The first night was a little rough. She woke up around midnight started crying. We practiced the Ferber Method where you go in every 12 minutes and just put your hand on her to sooth her, but do not pick her up out of the crib. That went on for about 1.5 hours, but then she slept until 5:30 or so. The next night it went on for about 30 minutes, but the crying was a bit more extreme. The third night was a little less and by the end of the week, she was pretty much back to sleeping through the night. Let's hope that keeps up!!

She is starting to look like such a little girl!!

She has two teeth on her bottom jaw. You can see them in this pic.

My father's cousins in Missouri and Minnesota made her this beautiful seersucker dress. We have received so much love and support from our family and extended family. We have never met Dee or Paula, but they sent us a huge care package filled with wonderful gifts for her. Seersucker is definitely the look this season...very chic!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We were very fortunate to be able to spend a big chunk of time in Fire Island this summer. Coco loves the water. She started the summer being very sensitive to light and wind, which made being outside not so pleasant at times, but by the end of the summer, she seemed to enjoy being outside a lot more.

Family portrait at the beach. Coco loves to yank on Nene's tail unfortunately. She seems to be going for it in this pic.

We love the dress that Coco has on. My godmother, Aunt Sandi, sent it from Hawaii.

Eva put Granny Self's hat on Coco and we all got really silly!

She looks like such a little girl in this pic. What a sweet face. Her auntie Mechelle gave her that sweet dress which fits perfectly.

Lazy days of summer!