It's All About Coco

It's All About Coco
The Love Of Our Life

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coco at 16 months

Coco was 16 months last Friday! She had her check up last week and got her latest stats. She is 32 inches tall and 26 pounds, 2 ounces and is in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. We are soo blessed that she has had almost perfect health (just the sniffles and an occassional rash)

She is turning into a little chatterbox and has a growing vocabulary of probably 30-40 words. It is amazing how much she understands. If we ask her, "Coco, can you bring me by glasses?" she will usually pick them up and bring them over. If we ask her, "what sound does a duck make?" she will start quacking. One of the cutest things she does is say her own name. When we say, "Coco, what is your name?" She will say something that sounds like gogo.

Coco definitely likes her independence even at this age (yikes! ...foreshadowing???). She much prefers to feed herself, even though she makes a mess. Right before it is time to go to bed, she usually has one last burst of energy where she starts running around in circles. Thank goodness she is great at bedtime (**knocking on wood**) and usually goes right to bed without any fuss. She has a very active social life with playdates almost every day.

Coco's hair is getting long enough now that we can start doing cute things with it. Here she is all dressed up for Poppy's birthday dinner.

She looks sooo cute with her hair slicked back after her evening bath.

Coco chillin in her favorite chair with one of her birthday present dresses on.

Coco loves books, but the pop up ones usually don't last very long because she loves to rip the pieces out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

St Lucia

On April 21st we left for our first international trip with Coco to St. Lucia. (it was actually April 22nd for Chris since he discovered that his passport expired the night before we were supposed to leave...but that is another story). We were obviously very nervous about the would Coco do on the plane? would she sleep?...etc. As it turned out, everything worked out great! Coco was a gem on both flights.

Our voyage was based upon a fitness retreat that Victor was asked to teach at the Cap Maison resort. The event occured from Thursday, April 28th through May 1. About 20 fitness fanatics from Westchester joined. We went down a week early to have some R&R before the event. Despite several days of continuous rain, the event was a great success!

One of the highlights of the trip was being able to finally dress Coco up in the many summer outfits and bathing suits that she received for her birthday.

Last summer, Coco could not get enough of the pool. She would sit in her little flotation device and splash around gleefully. For some reason, she was not so into the pool on this trip, unfortunately. She is also still a bit intimidated by the ocean. We think maybe the waves are a bit loud for her.

By the end of the trip, though, she seemed to love to sit by the edge of the pool and dip her feet in. Here she is sitting with Daddy in a cute little bathing suit that the Luisos gave her.

Poppy saw this adorable little "skirtini" in the Chasing Fireflies catalogue and had to get it for little Miss Coco!

While the main part of the beach was very overwhelming for her, we were able to lure Coco in to splash around in this little cove that was pretty protected from the waves. Maria from Chris' office gave Coco this cute little frilly one piece.

Chillin' with Daddies

Poppy was in Miami browsing through a baby store on Lincoln Road and saw these cute little Havianas for babies. So cute!

Roadtrip to Provincetown

We headed up to Provincetown to celebrate Grammy's 65th birthday. It was our first road trip in at least 6 months. Coco was a gem on the trip up. She slept for a couple of hours and caught up on her favorite Elmo video. It is funny how she already can make her preferences known about which videos she likes to watch. Unfortunately, she really only likes one video, which she is happy to watch over and over again...much to the chagrin of Poppy.

Coco got a little disoriented in the new environment and panicked at night when she woke up and did not realize where she was. I guess that is understandable given that she has slept in the same crib for the last 6 months.

One of Coco's favorite activities is walking Baby. It is so funny watching her personality develop. She tends to be We went for a walk on the Moors in PTown at the very end of Bradford Street. I thought we would leave the stroller by the road, but Coco was very focused on walking baby across the dunes. Coco is a little bundle of energy and I was curious to see how far she could walk with the stroller. She kept going and going...we must have walked about a mile...I wonder where she gets that from??

Coco playing peek-a-boo with Michelle at Grammy's birthday luncheon. The gorgeous red dress was a gift from Granny Self.

Coco with the Birthday Gal.

I love it when Daddy gives me kisses!

Coco on the Dunes! The first of many many dune walks in her life!