It's All About Coco

It's All About Coco
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Standing, Crawling, Clapping and Swinging

Just a couple weeks after Coco starting officially crawling, she is darting all over the house. She is also standing for extended periods of time if we put her next to something that she can lean on. Yesterday we were sitting around and she crawled over to me, put her hands on my leg, extended her legs and pushed herself up to a standing position.

One of Coco's favorite activities is the Mother Goose Reading Hour (actually 20 mins fortunately) at the Rye Library. She learned to clap there.

The Rye Historical Society sponsored a pumpkin picking and carving event. Seemed like a perfect fall outing. We walked away with a pretty cool carved pumpkin.

Coco demonstrating her standing skills during a visit to the Caiola McGill residence in the Hamptons. Adam and William are in the background

Coco could stay in the swing for an hour without complaining. She loves it. She usually has a fit when it is time to get out, regardless of how much time she has spent in the swing. Our cousins Buddy and Urusula and family gave us that adorable outfit that she has on.

Arm flapping is another favorite Coco pastime. Here she is wearing one of the many dresses that were included in the John Laidman/Alicja dossier.

Having a blast with the cousins: Ben and Becca Fraley and Emma Lincks. They are all so good with her.

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  1. it's so nice to hear that John Laidman and ALICJA could provide a whole dossier of clothes, since I have to chase him down every month for child support. I clearly see what matters most! Mazel Tov!