It's All About Coco

It's All About Coco
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Two Years!!!

Wow...our little girl is two! Coco had her two year checkup at the doctor and she measured a full 36 inches (90th percentile) and 31.7 pounds (88th percentile). We got a "what to expect" note from the doctor which said that she may know more than 50 words and start putting two words together. I am pretty sure her vocabulary is in the several hundreds and she regularly puts together full sentences. It is hysterical sometimes to hear what comes out of her mouth!

We made the mistake of not getting rid of her bottle earlier. She really only uses it when she goes to sleep at this point, but that has not been a very smooth transition. She is very adventurous when it comes to food. She will try pretty much everything. She LOVES tomatoes and any derivative thereof. She can tolerate spicier foods than here Papi.

It has been six weeks now since we moved to LA and it feels like we have been here for much much longer than that. We find ourselves complaining about the cold when it hits 60 degrees and warning people to be careful on the roads on the rare occasion when it rains - true Angelenos. Coco is loving California living. We are outdoors all the time. There is a great little park on the corner where Coco goes at least once a day. It is so much fun exploring the City with her and seeing it through her eyes. Coco and Papi often go on "adventures"

This was from a trip to Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades to see the horses. We got ambitious and went for a hike up the hill to see if there were some good views. We probably wouldn't have selected UGGs and a tutu had we known we were going to go hiking.

Here we are chilling on the beach in Santa Monica. It is always almost completely deserted at 8:30 am on the weekend. I guess it is only the crazy New Yorkers who think it is warm enough to be out there.

Coco had a great little birthday party at the Treehouse Social Club on Melrose. She had about 40 guests and a guest visit from a Princess. MarKo was a little disappointed by the Princesses look and wished he had his hair curler with him to give her a makeover. As it turns out, all of Coco's guests were boys except Kira's sweet daughter Ellie, but they all seemed to enjoy the princess.

Guess who dressed Coco on her birthday?? Her Godmother Jen bought her this adorable pink shirt with a "2" in rhinestones. Victor picked out the pants. Coco's Jewish Godfather Jeffrey made it clear that he did not approve of her outfit. We save the couture for only the really big milestones, lest she get jaded.

Granny Self and Grandma Fraley REALLY got into the princess theme!!


  1. Great! Chris and Victor, may we have your emailbox address? we have a quick question for your help. Many thanks! Wish you and Coco a happy 2012!

    Matthew and his partner from HK

  2. Hi Matthew - you can email us at