It's All About Coco

It's All About Coco
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coco at 18 months

Coco turned 18 months on August 4th! This has been such a fun age to be a part of. Her personality is really starting to show. She has a great sense of humor and loves to play hide and seek.

We are very fortunate that Coco has a pretty good appetite. She loves tomatos, she will take one the size of an orange and eat the whole thing like an apple, right down to the stem. She also loves asparagus and eats them like they are a piece of licorice. She would eat pizza every day if we let her and she has developed a very strong preference for "shummies" (gummy bears)...could that be genetic??

We are very fortunate with her sleeping habits. Going down to bed at night is rarely a problem. In fact, she usually tells us that she is ready for bed. We know that this can change as she gets older, but we are enjoying it while it lasts. She might get up once during the night, but generally she is a very sound sleeper.

Coco is incredibly active. Yesterday Poppy took her to breakfast in Cherry Grove. She walked all the way from our house at Bay and Pine in the Pines to the center of town in Cherry Grove. I kept trying to pick her up, thinking that she would be tired and she would squirm and say "Walk!". The walk had to be well over a mile. After breakfast she got up and started running around again and walked most of the way back home. Her back is one solid muscle. The other day during a playdate at a friends house, she slipped and fell into the pool. Before she was underwater, she grabbed onto the side of the pool and held herself up, bicepts bulging, much to the amazement of everyone watching.

She is a little chatterbox! It is amazing how much she understands. It seems like every week she is coming up with something new. I got very excited when she started putting two words together. The other day, she was up very early so Poppy took her to see the sunrise on the beach. She pointed in a easterly direction and said "Sun coming!!"

This pic looks like a mix between an Intensati pose and lip-synching at a rock concert. The contrast with the girly bows is classic.

In downtown Rye on the way from our wedding ceremony on the town green to Frankie and Johnnies, where the reception was. Coco was a perfect angel at the event. It was incredibly hot and humid, but she held up well in her big puffy white dress.

She is a big fan of music making. There was a mini bongo drum at the house in the Pines, as well as a mini xylophone, which have both been big hits.

Joe Conforti and Doug Jakubowski gave Coco this crocodile which is one of her favorite toys. She named it "croc" and loves to walk it down the boardwalks in Fire Island. She used it so much that the head fell off. Victor went and bought another one, which is actually a hedgehog, but it was enough to satisfy her.

This is one of my favorite faces of Coco's. She gets into a laughing fit and lets out the funniest expression.

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