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It's All About Coco
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween in WeHo

The whole family went to LA on October 22nd 1) so that Chris could attend an industry conference, 2) to scope out housing and schools for our UPCOMING MOVE!, and 3) to attend our first trimester screening for Coco's little sister! I guess we don't have that much going on these days. We were going to be there until November 1, so Victor made sure that Coco had ample choices for Halloween costumes. We actually carried out three different outfits, and Coco got to wear them all at various points during the day.

The first look of the day was the Cheerleader (**surprise, surprise** given Victor's history of Cheerleading during his UVA days). Much to Victor's chagrin, this was probably her least favorite outfit of the day. She pranced around West Hollywood in the park in her Cheerleader outfit during the morning.

The next outfit was Goldilocks. It had three little bears in the pockets...very cute.

Goldilocks walking back from the park on Robertson. Coco loved running around in the Parking lot to the right at the John Varvatos store.

We both agree that her favorite outfit was Supergirl! Here Victor is helping her with her takeoff as she flies accross the living room.

We were staying just two blocks south of Santa Monica Boulevard, where the Halloween street fair was taking place. We strolled up there right after dark. We expected to find a parade, like there is in the village in NYC, but it is really more of a street fair, with just hoardes of people walking around in their outfits and a bunch of stages with various acts. There was music coming out of the Abbey. Poppy was feeling it a little more than Coco was. We were all in bed and asleep by 8:30 pm, so we probably did not get the full West Hollywood Halloween experience.

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