It's All About Coco

It's All About Coco
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Almost 3 Feet Tall??? How Did That Happen?

We went to the doctor last week for a checkup and Coco had a great report. I realize I say this everytime we come back from the doctor, but we are so grateful that she has been blessed with good health. Coco seems to be continuing on her track of being taller than her Poppy one day. Here are her stats:

28.6 pounds 90th Percentile
34.6 inches 95th Percentile

Head 85th Percentile

What??? 34.6 inches??? That is almost three feet! How did that happen?? It is pretty clear to see how fast she is growing when we were going through her drawers last week to put aside those close that don't fit her. Victor went away to LA for three days last week and swears that she grew while he was away.

Ok...I know...this is not the most ladylike pose. We will work on that in time. But that face is priceless if I do say so myself. The Luiso family gave her that bathing suit which is absolutely hysterical. It goes perfectly with her skin tone. Coco went from being ok with the beach last summer, to not really liking it when we were in St. Lucia last May, to really loving digging in the sand towards the end of the Fire Island season, much to the dismay of anyone trying to get the sand out of her hair.

Who knew that having a daughter would revive Victor's inner cheerleader??? As many of you may know, Victor was the co-Captain of the University of Virginia cheerleading team when he was there in the early 90's. Coco LOVES being thrown around. Usually when you put her down she shouts MORE!! I keep encouraging Victor to come up with a workout that parents can do with their kids. She is almost 30 pounds afterall!

Grandpa made a MAJOR breakthrough with Coco in early September! When he was staying with us during Memorial Day, Coco was particularly clingy and would not give Grandpa the time of day. She was a little warmer to Grandma in May, but just a little bit. This time they were BFFs. Coco walked over to Grandpa and handed him her "baby". A clear signal that he was ok.

Coco's hair is so much fun. It is curly and makes these great ringlets. This is one of my favorite of Coco's expressions.

Coco looks like such a little girl in this photo compared to last summer where she was just barely able to sit up on her own. This summer she was running, talking, playing, digging in the sand, meeting new friends, etc.

We had an "end of summer" dinner at our house a couple of weeks ago with some of our close friends. We asked them what was the highlight of their summer was and almost all of them said, "watching Coco grow up".

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