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It's All About Coco
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Monday, February 8, 2010

First Doctor's visit

Yesterday (Monday, Feb. 8th), we took Coco to her first appointment with the pediatrician. I will admit, I was a little nervous about the 1 hour car ride (each way) and had the normal jitters associated with visiting the doctor.

Turns out Coco slept soundly the entire way to doctor's office. Phew!

When we arrived at the doctor's office, the first the I thought was, well if Coco's not sick now, she will be when she leaves this office! That place was a germ factory and I wanted our little angel out of there as quickly as possible. (I know, I'm being a neurotic first time Dad but hey, that's what I am!) Fortunately, they pulled us into a private office within minutes (maybe the fact that I was shielding Coco every time anyone breathed heavier than I thought normal helped) and I felt instantly relieved.

After that, the visit was great. Coco did not enjoy all the doctors pokes and prods but they had to be done. Coco is in perfect health, though she did have a little eye gunk which I was concerned about (see neurotic Dad comment above!) but that the doctor said was normal. (That said, I did persist and he did prescribe eye drops which he said weren't necessary but that we could use if it would make ME feel better!)

After the doctor's appt., we headed over to Kira's house to spend some time with her family. It was a fun visit. Kira's 4-year old son Liam, was so cute with Coco. He kept rubbing her leg and saying "nice baby". It was adorable. Her daughter Ellie also chimed in with"baby" and a pointing gesture several times during the visit. We had a wonderful time, all just staring at Coco and talking about how beautiful she is. (OK, I know, all parents think their baby is beautiful!).

We headed home after our visit and again, Coco slept through the entire ride. Phew!

Day out #1 is now successfully under our belts and it went much better than I expected...

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  1. I'm so happy Coco is a happy and healthy little girl! Thank you so much for coming over and visiting yesterday. It meant a lot that Liam and Ellie were able to meet Coco. I love how Liam was "petting" Coco. He was so sweet and gentle. I'm really proud of him. Parenthood is such a wonderful adventure, and I'm so happy you get to experience it with Coco. You are going to be the best daddies!Coco is one very lucky little girl.