It's All About Coco

It's All About Coco
The Love Of Our Life

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quality Time Coco Style

Welcome to the world of feeding, sleeping, pooping and more feeding, sleeping and pooping. AND, it's all pretty much on a schedule. First Coco eats, then she sleeps then she poops. Then we clean her up and basically it starts all over again without much variation. It's nice and predictable (so far) which is comforting in some odd sort of way.

Every 3 - 4 hours we know that we will get to spend some real QT (quality time) with our little angel because she'll need to eat. We start watching the clock about an hour before her scheduled feeding time and are constantly asking each other "was that her?", "did you hear her crying?", "should we see if she's awake yet?" It's hilarious! In the mornings we actually stand by the bedroom door and wait to hear the first peep from her and then we bound into her room and start loving on her. It's the highlight of our day and we think she really likes it too!

At this point, most of Coco's day is spent sleeping so when she's awake we really try to make the most of it. She is starting to stare deep into our eyes when we feed and hold her and we're always wondering what she's thinking? She also grips our fingers and the feeling is magical. She likes the be rocked and a little bouncing makes her happy too. After she eats she gets super relaxed (we call it the "food coma") and she just stares up at us with such a beautiful, satisfied expression. It's the simplest, purest look but it melts our hearts. This is how we're spending her waking hours.

This morning, after she ate at 5:30 AM, I put her on my chest and we laid down on the bed. She was making the most delicious cooing sounds...the sound of feeling safe and satisfied. It makes us feel safe and satisfied too.

These moments are precious and we are enjoying each of them.


  1. Scheduled feeding times? Do you feed on demand at all? You should check out some of the Dr. Sears books - they're fantastic! :)

  2. Yes, we do feed on demand as well. When she's hungry we feed her! Fortunately for us, she's hungry pretty consistently, every 3 - 4 hours. She is setting her own schedule (more or less) and we are just rolling with it.

  3. :)You guys sound like you're totally Smitten, AND that you've done your homework. Good for you, and I'm SO Happy for the both of you! I can't wait to meet the whole Happy Family. :) Oh, and I have a sling for you - do you already have one?